By B NISSEN 12 May, 2017

Its only recently that I learned that all the different colours and variations of flowers can have different cultural associations. On this occasion, It was a very sad loss when a friend of my family unexpectedly passed away. It was heart braking but I was not going to be able to be present at his funeral. So I wanted to make sure I sent something to the funeral to show my respect. My mother suggested to send a flower arrangement to the church, this way I could express my feelings of loss and sympathy to both his wife and to his children.

I feel was very lucky when I chose to pop into Victoria Rose Flowers, at the station on my way home from work. And so I explained my predicament to Brian, and told him why I was there , Brian took, time to stop what he was doing and dealt with me directly. He talked me through the awkward task of picking the right sympathy flower colours.

The first thing I learnt was that although there may be traditional funeral flower arrangements, it is usually more personal to design an arrangement that has a special meaning to me. This is my way to expressing my feelings, and not the florists'. Brian explained that this was my last chance to celebrate the life that this man had shared, and to show his family and let them know just how special they are and how loved he was. Then Brian spent a good half hour with me just going over the different meanings of the myriad of sympathy flower colours.

* Blue flowers; these are believed to have a calming effect, and represent peace, openness and serenity.

* Pink flowers can be associated with youth, innocence, and joy, but also grace, refinement, and happiness.

* Purple flowers are powerfully attached to royalty and to success. These are symbols of dignity, and pride, and peoples accomplishment and admiration.

* Red flowers notoriously express love and passion, strength and desire. Red blooms also are symbolic of beauty, courage and your heart.

* White flowers bestow reverence. These are also associated with innocence and humility, modesty and elegance.

* Yellow flowers reflect fun, joyfulness and being light hearted. These also represent, friendship loyalty and trust.

* Orange flowers show confidence and satisfaction, indiration and having a zest for life. This colour flower can also be symbols of energy and enthusiasm, warmth and pride.

* Green flowers and green foliage exhibit optimism and renewal. Here we have a strong connection between green flowers; resilience, good health and good fortune including a zest for youthfulness.

* Lavender blooms can represent feminine, refinement, beauty and grace with elegance. Violet blooms bestow delicacy and preciousness.

Brian also showed me that no matter what the meaning behind the sympathy bloom colours, it is also a very good idea to choose colours and types of flowers that have a special meaning to you, the passed, and or their family. So I ended up sending a personal arrangement of flowers of my own choosing.

* It was mostly orange flowers, Carnations and some Sweet William, this enabled me to show how much I valued his friendship.

* Adding some white flowers and tulips, to show my own admiration, support and respect. They also were a traditional funeral arrangements.

* Several wax flowers, for peace and calm to please his wife and family.

* Green foliage just added a finishing touch and to try and balance out the pink and orange.

It was a most unusual arrangement. And I added a card just to explain what each flower meant to me. I also wanted to choose spring flowers because reminded me of him. I always remember how his family and mine would take walks together in the spring. It was a lovely time and we used to race to to find the first spring flowers, and then after we would search for the the last of the spring flowers, before they disappeared.

This was my way of reliving those memories.

C Chapman

By B NISSEN 04 May, 2017

Fresh cut flowers can brighten an otherwise morbid occasion.. They express love and respect for the both the deceased and their loved ones. Fresh cut flowers can represent the life and death cycle of: living, growing and dying.

Flower Arrangements as funeral tributes can be traditional in a plastic container designed into a pyramid shape. Or may sometimes non-traditional in baskets, an easel stand or some other type of vessel, arranged in more contemporary styles. Glass vases might be inappropriate as they may break and often they cannot be taken to the cemetery after the service. However It is quite acceptable to send vased arrangements of flowers directly to the family home shortly after the service.

Almost any flower types or species can be used in your funeral tribute as the long lasting qualities are not going to be a top priority because the flowers will be placed on top of the grave fafter the funeral service.

It often helps to describe to the florist information regarding the deceased, presenting their hobbies, occupations and their interests, so you can add a personal touch which can be incorporated into the design.

The casket sprays and flowers that go inside the caskets are usually reserved for the immediate family including; the spouse, parents, siblings, and children and also grandchildren will have the privilege of honouring their loved one with their own floral tributes to adorn the casket.

Remember to order as early as possible to give the florist as much time as possible to order flowers, design and deliver your arrangements to the funeral home, usually several hours before visiting hours. Your flowers should be in place as the family arrives at the funeral home for a private viewing.

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